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Our product range comtains a wide range of Geze Automatic Revolving Door, Geze Automatic Sliding Door, Geze Automatic Semi Circular Sliding Door, Geze Automatic Swing Door and Geze Automatic Break Out Sliding Door

Geze Automatic Revolving Door

Revolving doors are one of the key components for a building’s entrance. These doors give a good impression and is also an ideal door in terms of an architecture point of view. Geze manufactures high-quality revolving doors. AL Aton Trading is one of the leading companies in supplying Geze automatic revolving door. Advantages of Installing Automatic Revolving Doors In a huge building where there is too much traffic of people moving in and out, a manual door can restrict the movement. However, an automatic revolving door is ideal as it has a ‘push and go’ feature. Hence, making the movement faster. It is also very attractive and can impress anyone who enters the building. The doors can be customised as per the needs of the customers. They are also safe and protects from noise, weather, etc. Why Choose Us? We are the most trusted Geze automatic revolving door supplier in Oman. We cater to various industries and sectors including airports, hotels, banks, shopping centers, etc. The products supplied by us are quality tested and certified. Our team will ensure that automatic revolving doors are supplied to you on a timely basis and are of a perfect fit. If you are interested in the product, then get in touch with us.

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Geze Automatic Sliding Door

The ECdrive drive range for automatic sliding doors is economic, extremely reliable and ideally suited for heavily frequently door areas. Low wear and high-quality rollers in a self-cleaning roller carriage ensure almost silent operation. Sliding doors are space-saving, elegant and modern. Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to making good use of daylight and fulfilling optical criteria. The EC drive is economic and extremely reliable in its functionality.

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Geze Automatic Semi Circular Sliding Door

Elegant semi-circular and circular sliding doors ensure more space and light. Simple to operate, wide range of design options and easy to install are the characteristics of this range. Very high access freedom despite the slim external measurements. Two-motor technology to ensure the highest level of safety. Safeguarded automatic opening of the door in the event of a fault or a power failure thanks to the redundant control of the drive.

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Geze Automatic Swing Door

A GEZE automatic swing door is designed to operate the door without any complications and manual effort. The door has a design that is uniform and can be installed anywhere. It is also convenient and safe to use. Automatic swing doors come in different dimensions and hence, they are can be customised based on the needs of the customers. Benefits of Using Automatic Swing Door They are very convenient to use. They also fit well with any kind of structural design. The changes can be easily made to these swing doors based on the design and structure of the building. They work on batteries that are highly durable. Hence, they can be used during a power outage or failure. They can also be controlled remotely. Why Choose Us? As one of the leading GEZE automatic swing door importers in Oman, AL Aton Trading importers high-quality products. We supply genuine products that are easy to install. Our products are available at competitive prices. Contact us now for more information.

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Geze Automatic Break Out Sliding Door

GEZE automatic break out sliding door is an ideal door that is used at the entrance. These doors provide safety and escape routes in case of any emergency. The breakout function of the door opens the door with side panels to open in the direction where you need to escape. They come with automatic locking systems that protect the building from any invasion or theft. The systems can be easily controlled remotely and hence, cannot be messed up with. They do not make any kind of noise when they are being used as they do not have any inbuilt motors. They work on rechargeable batteries that are highly durable. Why Choose AL Aton Trading? We are on the most trusted companies that supply automatic break out sliding doors manufactured by GEZE. Our products come with warranty and quality certifications. Hence, you do not have to worry about damages to the doors. For timely delivery at competitive prices, get in touch with us.

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Wooden Doors

Wooden doors which are made up of timbers that have been constructed from small pieces of timber, glued together, and then over veneered. This construction produces doors which are highly stable, i.e., unlikely to warp and have a virtually flawless appearance.

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